Things to know about plumbing insurance

Plumbing is the field that needs professional attention. Customers face problems with the plumbing systems very frequently. This exposes the plumber to a number of jobs. These are cutting metal, replacing pipes, finding defects in the plumbing system, and more. Also, customers prefer professional plumbers to get these services done. With a broken plumbing system, it is difficult to maintain the proper functioning of any household or commercial space. So, they are expected to repair or fix the plumbing issues immediately. This makes plumbing a very uncertain profession that is exposed to many challenges. Hence, plumbing insurance is an essential factor for small and medium-sized businesses.

Insurance policies for plumbers

Insurance is the best to protect against the financial risks for plumbers. Plumbing contractors and plumbers who own a business utilize this insurance. They can choose the areas for which coverage is required in the future. This can be decided on the base like the size of the business and annual turnover.

Generally, there are three ways to seek coverage for a business.

  • General liability insurance – this protects against unexpected financial losses and legal issues.
  • Auto insurance – this covers the business’s vehicles for transport and employee vehicles used to provide services.
  • BOP – the Business Owner’s Policy covers properties and physical damages.

This is also umbrella insurance to cover complete damages in extreme cases. Other policies include workers’ compensation, property insurance, etc. These are all applicable to obtaining plumbing insuranceIt is your choice to select insurance policies based on your company. 


The cost of acquiring insurance for the plumbing business depends upon the company size. Most insurance is provided to businesses that have an annual turnover of less than $1 million. The coverage amount obtained depends upon the damage caused. Another factor is the history of your business and the present organization. For small-sized to medium-sized plumbing businesses, the insurance is available from $25 to $50. Some factors for deciding the insurance amount are given here.

  • Size of company
  • Experience of a company in the plumbing field
  • Number of employees and payroll
  • Location of the company
  • Annual and a monthly turnover of a company

There are options to select policies according to your needs and necessities. 

Requirements to get insurance

A proper license is required in the name of the company to obtain insurance. This should give a surety that the business follows the law and is certified. This licensed bond is a piece of evidence to get insurance. This way you can avoid all the legal risks that the company might face in the future.

This is applicable for pipefitters, plumbing contractors, renovators, plumbers, etc.

Legal protection

Getting insurance for your plumbing business is simple. There are a number of companies that provide insurance for plumbing. That’s why it is important to choose a suitable insurance company for this purpose. It is essential to prevent further lawsuits in the future. Thus, providing legal protection for the company. This prevents the business from emergencies, health damages, and part damages. So, insurance is necessary these days.

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